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What can we do for you?

Web design
One Footed Pigeon understands the need for a fantastic looking, well-designed platform for you and your customers to experience your products. Read more

Web optimise

One of the most fundamental aspects of search engine optimisation (SEO) is ensuring that the pages within your website are as accessible as possible to the search engines. Read more

Online surveys and information solutions
The possibilities that logging information about customers or visitors to your website brings has always been under-valued by web businesses. Read more

Web marketing
There are many ways to get noticed on the Internet, some are free to those who know, while others are paid for on a "per visitor" basis. Depending on your business and its needs we can advise you on options that best suit your current applications. Read more

Design mediation
Quite often you can feel like you are shelling out money to a web designer for a job and not getting what you expected in return. Read more

Technology integration
Along with website and e-mail services comes the added strain of learning to set up and use new software and programs. Read more

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