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Web Design Packages

There is always more than one way to skin a cat*
We see advertising everyday in so many different forms, what may be a great media for shampoo may not work for life insurance. For this reason marketers use different facets to get the point across. The same is true of your web site. A site may be clean and simple or multi layered and heavily interactive, for this reason our package prices come with a very significant "and up" next to them. Because no two sites are ever the same these prices should be used as rough guide lines only. All clients are offered our free meeting and appraisal to get us both on the same page.
*we don't really condone the skinning of cats or any other fury friend.

Note: all web design packages come with a free "Optimization package" valued at $400 this service will give you the best placing in search engines and in online reference communities.

Brand introduction site:
this a great web site package giving your brand or company a clean informative identity on the internet. A Brand introduction site is usually 2 to 3 pages in size giving the customer an idea of who you are, what you do, and how they find you.
Package price: $800+ gst and up
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Catalogue site: this package builds on the basic package by providing your customers with a more in depth knowledge of you product or brand through a more complex menu and page arrangement. The sites are usually up to 10 pages in size and offer a more dynamic experience.
Package price:$1500+ gst and up
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Shopping site: these sites can often be very time consuming to set up, but once completed are very easy to maintain and update yourself. We set everything up including a "Branding introduction site" to greet your customers and also include a 2 hours training package to guide you through the running of your new store.
Package price:$2000+ gst and up (this is based on 10 products)
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The Total Package: this is where we really spread our wings bringing all our creative and marketing skills to the table. The total package will provide you with everything necessary to achieve your web site objectives. We will create an eye catching, dynamic web based identity that we can both be proud of.
Package price:$3000+ gst and up
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